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A blog by the TransportCloud team. We write about shipping, E-Commerce, international business, and customs.


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Top 5 Incoterms

Top 5 Incoterms

Incoterms is an acronym for International Commercial Terms. They are a set of 11 rules that define who is responsible for a shipment throughout the shipping process. Naturally, there are some preferred choices from either the buyer's or seller's point of view. The top five incoterms (ExWorks, FOB, DPU, DAP, DDP) have pros and cons for each party, let's examine them. Read more...

The importance of supply chain visibility

The importance of supply chain visibility

In an increasingly globalised world, most products travel a long way before reaching the end consumer. While the final product itself needs to be transported from where it is manufactured to its retail or wholesale destination, the several components which make up that product are likely to have already travelled far and long before that. Read more...

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