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Transport Cloud features

From this page you’ll learn about all features that Transport Cloud can provide.
Some of the features will be added soon.

  • Save contact information – Save shipments and connect with suppliers/customers contact information.
    Know everything about your international shipments now from one place.
  • Share documents – Collaborate with co-workers and partners.
    Easily share documents with your customs agent, shipping company or client.
  • Documents in one place – Store import/export documents in one place.
    No more mess with documents.
  • Shipment location – Monitor your shipment ETA and current shipment location.
    Plan your business operations based on real data.
  • Calculate your customs duties – Calculate your customs duties and landed cost.
    You’ll know in advance how much your costs for international shipments will be.
  • Automated – Automated customs declarations.
    Save your time and send declarations from your Transport cloud dashboard.

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