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Frequently asked TransportCloud questions.

What is Transport Cloud exactly? Can you explain it in one sentence?
Transport Cloud is a CRM especially created for Import/Export companies with shipment visibility features

Do you provide support for your customers?
Yes, we provide full support, you can write about your situation to this email or talk to your personal manager directly.

Do you work only with importers from the UK?
No, Transport Cloud can be a great fit for importers from different countries. If you don’t see your currency – just let us know and we’ll add it for you ASAP.

If I change my mind can I have a refund?
Sure, we have a 30 days money back guarantee.

We already work with an ERP system, can I connect it with Transport Cloud?
It’ll be possible to connect Transport Cloud with your ERP system via API in the near future. We would appreciate it if you could share more information to your personal manager so we could adapt the system for your needs.

Our import process is more complex, can you add new features for us?
We would be happy to implement new features for you in the next system update, it would really push this topic forward if you could write your needs to your personal manager.

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